Ken Sunshine aiding NYC mosque developer

Publicist to the stars Ken Sunshine is “informally” offering his services to Sharif El-Gamal, the property developer for Park51, the Islamic center and mosque planned for a site near Ground Zero. According to The Daily Beast:

Acknowledging fears that the Islamic center effort may look “juvenile and amateur,” the developer of the property, Sharif El-Gamal, has brought in A-list New York publicist Ken Sunshine to informally advise the development effort. Sunshine confirmed Monday: “I’m advising the developer informally. They’re not a formal client. I’m not going to tell you what I’m advising them.

“If anybody knows me, they know I do things in a quiet way,” he said, declining to comment on specific strategy suggestions he is making.

Sunshine has represented celebrities including Ben Affleck and Barbara Streisand.

Daisy Khan, one of the project’s leaders, appeared on This Week with Christiane Amanpour on Sunday and discussed some of the other outreach efforts that have been undertaken.

[Image via The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding website]

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