Ken Mok Mocks Up More Public Embarrassment of Women

Ken Mok, EP of ANTM, seems to have decided it’s not enough to exploit pretty girls from Chickenbutt, SD (and the people who write about them). By teaming up with McG, Jimmy Iovine, and brother and sister Steven and Robin Antin , he can put some not-so-pretty but even more desperate girls through reality hell. The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll, according to Variety

will recruit young women from different backgrounds, putting the finalists through various challenges as they compete to prove their “Doll”-worthiness

Right–there’s the repressed-but-hot Amish chick, the brainy-and-hot nerd from MIT, the WASP from Oyster Bay, the Haddassah member and the sassy pilot in the Air National Guard. All of whom want to drop it like it’s hot, and will do anything to prove it.

McG claims to love Bob Fosse, but is interested in

the consequences that come with joining a group such as the Dolls


Consequences? FBLA is wondering exactly what he has in mind.