Ken Doctor Chimes in About the Decline of the LAT

Ken Doctor, former editor, current media expert and blogger wrote a piece after his appearance on KCRW’s “To the Point” program, with the topic, “Newspapers in Big Trouble: Should Americans Care?”

Doctor writes:

Again, it’s easy to just blame Zell, or to decry the loss of Times‘ national and regional reporting, or to blame Old Tribune for its pressure on the Times. All are true, at least to an extent. Still, the newspaper didn’t do what any newspaper business needs to do. Serve an audience, build a market. Connect the dots.

Yes, the L.A. Times is a convenient poster child for what’s going so wrong in journalism, but it’s a poster with a big asterisk affixed to it, one that only history will remember and one that’s scant comfort to the Times staffers losing their jobs and the Times readers’ seeing their paper ebb away.

We read a lot of theories and discussions about the decline of newspapers…none of them in print. Zero.