Kelly: “Portfolio Gets A B”

Over at the Post, Keith J. Kelly offered his assessment of Portfolio‘s second issue. He gave it a B. We examined the issue’s contents yesterday and found solid pieces about George Steinbrenner and business in post-war Lebanon. The surprising thing, however, is that Kelly is bitter over what he sees as outdated coverage:

“That Ted Turner is a world-class deadbeat on his pledge to deliver $1 billion to the United Nations is an old story. He began missing his contribution levels not too long after his stock in Time Warner hit the skids years ago. Also Duff McDonald‘s piece on the $100 million brouhaha between former Simon & Schuster chief Dick Snyder and Warner Music tycoon Edgar Bronfman Jr. seems like a long-winded version of the same story The Post‘s Zach Kouwe broke back in April. Little has changed since Snyder’s lawsuit was filed four months ago.”

Also, according to Kelly, “the level of staff dissatisfaction is extremely high” at Portfolio.

— Neal Ungerleider