Kelly O’Donnell Can Sing

From yesterday’s pool report:

    The first stop after leaving the school was the storm-ravaged house of Fats Domino, who had lost, among other things, his National Medal of Arts, awarded to him by President Clinton, during Katrina. Bush disappeared inside his home — a modest and low beige structure in the Lower 9th Ward with pink and yellow trim and a massive satellite dish in the yard — and emerged a short while later with Mr. Domino himself. They stood on the porch for photos for a few minutes, along with other guests listed below, before Bush brought his new friend down the front steps and onto the sidewalk about 20 feet in front of the pool.

    “How about it? Fats Domino,” Bush said, by way of introducing Fats.

    Kelly O’Donnell of NBC bravely tried to break the awkward silence that followed by singing a line from “Ain’t That a Shame.” But Fats, dressed in a white shirt and a hat and proudly wearing his medal, was a quiet honoree. Dana Perino said he had not been able to travel to Washington for his original award in the ’90s for health reasons; this one, obviously, is a replacement.