NBC Anchor Turned Mystery Writer Kelly Lange Plotting New Main Character

After three novels featuring fictional LA news anchor and crime solver Maxi Poole, author Kelly Lange tells The Valley Chronicle’s Jenna Hunt ahead of a book signing event this weekend in Hemet that she’s changing things up with her next book. The former NBC LA anchor says her sixth tome will feature a deceased designer trying to solve her murder from the vantage point of the after life. Shades of The Lovely Bones.

Hunt’s feature article provides a wonderful, breezy overview of how Lange successfully segued from conveying the real news to conjuring up some sensational mysteries of her own. Here is how it all began:

The budding writer in Lange grew when she started reading mysteries to relax between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. when her “crazy work hours,” left her feeling wired. She said she decided to start writing her own mysteries in the twilight hours from her Los Angeles home in the early 1990s.

“I would read until the lights started coming through the windows,” Lange said. “I sat down and started writing until I finished my first book. I’m a night owl so I like to write when there’s no one around.”

Lange left NBC LA in 2001 and says she has worked closely with her New York agent to keep up with the shift of books from the printed page to the illuminated Kindle screen. On December 14, the woman born Dorothy Scaffard will celebrate her 75th birthday.

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[Jacket cover courtesy: Mysterious Press]