Kelly Gang Party Pix

The 3rd Annual Kelly Gang St. Patrick’s Day benefit (on behalf of Katrina victims) seemed even more festive than usual. Perhaps it was the food, or maybe it was all that great whiskey. Michael’s Restaurant was packed with clergy, bag-pipers, media people, Irish and Irish sympathizers. Armed with green boas to ward off errant elves, we shot some photos of the media folks who attended this year:


Our boa helpers, Shannon Carpenter and Aileen Gallagher, sidled up to Susan Lehman, co-author of Ed Hayes’ MouthPiece: A Life in — and Sometimes Just Outside — the Law.


Beth Fenner, who is Executive Editor of Women’s Health and used to work at Glamour (way back when I was contributing there). Center is Business Week‘s Suzanne Woolley and Rick Tetzeli, editor of Entertainment Weekly.


Arnie Huberman with Conde Nast’s chief communicationada, Maurie Perl.


Jon Friedman, of MarketWatch.


Susan Lehman with The New York TimesDavid Carr.


Susan Lehman again, talking to the top of David Carr‘s head.


Facing us, author and Thinker Bill McGowan, with his cousin Jeff McGowan, of EMI Capitol Records (left).


The ever-delectable David Hirshey, of Harper Collins.


Unidentified guy and Steve Giannetti, vp/group poo-bah of National Geographic Magazines.


And, sidling up to us for a tete-a-tete just as the St. Paddy’s Day benediction is being said by the father, Playboy’s Chris Napolitano. What timing!


For a brief time, we shared a table with Nancy Gillen (not shown), Elle Girl‘s Christina Kelly, Maureen ? (also of Elle Girl) and Dalton Ross, of Entertainment Weekly.


Real Simple‘s e-i-c Kristin van Ogtrop, quaffing her white wine, with The New York Post‘s Keith Kelly and Hot Scott Donaton, of Ad Age.


Ad Age‘s Jonah Bloom, already falling asleep in his punch, with Michelle Schiano.


One of the Time Inc. Hot Communications Babes (yes, there are a few), Ali Zelenko, with Jessica Kleiman, a top flack at Hearst.


Steven Rubenstein, son, scion and swift ascendant to the House of Rubenstein Communications Machine, with Dan Colarusso, Business Editor of the New York Post (and Keith Kelly‘s boss, we hear. Wait, Keith Kelly has a boss?).


John Crudele, Business Columnist at the Post. He actually made AMI’s Chief Editorial Director (think: The Star, The National Enquirer and other great tabs!) Bonnie Fuller blush.


Adorable journalista Judith Newman.


Adorable journalista Judith Newman facing off with David Hirshey. Will there be a book between them?!


Long lost Lisa Dallos, of Freud Communications (who used to come with us to Michael’s for lunch all the time and has defected to Core Club or somewhere), with Ali Zelenko.


Yes, it’s blurry, but we’re using this photo anyway because it reminds us of those papparazzi shots. Shown here is Us Weekly‘s Janice Min, umpteen months pregnant and hiding her bump behind her purse, just as she learned from Angelina, or was it Brad?


We (in green boa) are shown with Hot Scott Donaton, with Time Inc’s babelicious Robin Domeniconi and Jonah Bloom, struggling to hold his head up.


Judith Newman, Janice Min and Jeff Bercovici, of WWD.


Cute guy with an adorable fishy.


A total party crasher (look at that outfit!) with Susan Lehman and Jill Rooney Carr (in this context, we must mention she is the wife of David Carr).


The three be-boaed ‘bistro gals.


Kevin Haynes, surrounded by boa girls.


This is how the room looked at the END of the night!


One of our favorite pixies, in green, natch. Coat check now, lawyer later!