Kelly Cutrone Dishes on PR Nightmares

Kelly Cutrone againOn Tuesday, the folks at Racked scored a Q&A with the current face of fashion PR: Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution and America’s Next Top Model.

It’s worth a read as Cutrone pieces tend to be; here are some of her best quotes.

On winning clients:

“I’ve never chased a client ever, I’ve never solicited—I’m not really good at that. I’m not a pitcher. I just started working and people started calling me.”

On working for herself:

“I’ve been offered tons of director of communications jobs over the years. It’s like the difference between being a cop and a bounty hunter: I still like being a bounty hunter.”

On the good, the bad, and the horror stories…

The worst part about my job is the amount of misperceptions and things that can go wrong in communications. Sometimes it’s like playing a really intense game of Telephone on a daily basis.

On bringing clients down to earth:

I think my biggest thing with my brands is giving them realistic expectations. Because the whole system has changed, you know? If a client’s gonna say, “Well, why don’t I have more reviews?” I would say, “Well, how many reviewers are left?” I think the New York Times has three or four people and there’s 400 shows.

On public perception:

I do think that The Hills saw a huge influx in public relations majors all throughout the United States. I know that my career’s been studied in PR classes around the country. Do some people like my persona? Yes. Do some people hate it? Yes. Do I really care? No.

Her biggest nightmare story is a classic, but we don’t want to steal everything from Racked so you should really just read it there. It also includes some quotes on being a working mom and advice for those breaking into the industry.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.