Kelly Cutrone: Book Before TV?

It looks like fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone may have a book out before a TV show. Back in December PRNewser reported that Cutrone was shopping a reality show to networks alongside original Project Runway producers Magical Elves. There hasn’t been a word on the show since. However, just this week Cutrone finalized a deal with Harper Collins for a yet to be titled book, “aimed at young women who have their sights set on power and success but lack the know-how to attain them,” according to The New York Observer‘s Leon Neyfakh.

“I raise 20 young women a year in my business…A lot of them come to us when they’re 18, 19 and in college and a lot of them end up coming back to us and we watch them grow up,” Cutrone told the Observer.

Incidentally, or not, Gawker points out, “the New York Observer’s Eight-Day Week columnist Meredith Bryan, who met Cutrone after writing a flattering profile last year, is co-writing the book. So there’s that lesson right on the cover.”