Kelley Armstrong’s ‘Cainsville Files’ Adapted into iPad App From Penguin

New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong has released a new story available in the form of an iOS game. Cainsville Files, which just launched from Penguin Group’s Dutton imprint, is an original story about a struggling private eye, who ends up on the hunt for her missing high-school love, who was possibly killed by a serial killer.

Readers have to help guide the character through the investigation and into the story. The app features illustrations by Julie Dillon, as well as music and sound effects to help set the mood. Readers become players as they help advance the narrative by interacting with the text. Not unlike a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, the story is full of different narrative paths which lead to multiple endings. Armstrong wrote the complete text of the story, working hand-in-hand with Penguin and Inkle, the app developer that designed the game.

Here is more about the game from the press release:  

It’s up to you to explore Cainsville, gain the trust of its mysterious residents, dodge dangers both real and otherworldly, embark on a romance, and in the end, find justice. Your choices will either help Jenn solve the case—or doom her to a number of memorably gruesome fates.

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