Keith Olbermann Stars In Our New Favorite Press Release


Make room in the filing cabinet because we’ve got a good one here for you. To be filed under “Funny Press Releases That Are Tangentially Related to Design,” as well as “Press Releases That Make Us Do Double Takes” (like this one) and just one more: “Clever Press Releases That Reveal A Whole ‘Nother Side to a Celebrity,” comes this one we can’t even remember how we stumbled across: Olbermann Tackles Intelligent Design in Sports Collectors Digest.” Read that over again and, just by the title, what do you think is going on? It sounds like they landed Keith Olbermann and just let him talk about whatever he wanted in their sports collectable magazine, doesn’t it? Turns out, it’s just a very funny, tongue in cheek announcement about the MSNBC commentator writing about the history of design in baseball cards. Turns out, he’s a big collector and this makes the third pieces he’s written for the magazine. Tell us that this just doesn’t make your whole day and we’ll slap you silly and call you a dirty, dirty liar. Here’s some:

Keith Olbermann, the hottest political commentator in the country, has taken on a topic as timely as today’s headlines: intelligent design. The MSNBC anchor adorns the cover of the Dec. 21 issue of Sports Collectors Digest, and in a bylined article inside offers a careful examination of the various theories surrounding the controversial topic.

Ultimately, the noted baseball card collector and expert finds a significant and virtually indisputable link from the pioneering 19th century tobacco cards to the Depression-era bubble gum pasteboards in the 1930s, all the way to the modern, technological marvels of the $500-a-pack cards from the new millennium.