Keith Olbermann (Partially?) Suspends Twitter Account Over “Rape” Tweet

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, not a stranger to controversy, has found himself in hot water on Twitter lately. Amidst a whirlwind of accusations that he was callous towards rape – in response to a guest he had on Count Down and some links he posted to Twitter pertaining to Julian Assange’s recent trial – Olbermann has announced that he is suspending his Twitter account until the “frenzy is stopped”.

The Huffington Post reports that Olbermann’s troubles began when he hosted documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who had donated $20,000 for Assange’s bail and who believes the rape claims against him were suspicious.

In addition to hosting Moore, Olbermann tweeted a link to an article which was dismissive of the rape charges against Assange, and may have revealed the identities of the women accusing the Wikileaks founder.

It was this tweet that sent critics over the edge. The website TigerBeatDown started the attack, with many Twitter users following. They slammed Olbermann for being insensitive to rape, and harshly criticized his attitude towards the trial.

Apparently, this was all too much for Olbermann, who announced yesterday that he would be suspending his Twitter account until the “frenzy” stops:

While Olbermann has officially announced this suspension and removed his photo from his Twitter bio, we can’t help but notice that he still tweeted a goodbye tweet to Larry King, who is leaving television, last night after he announced his suspension.