Keith Harriston Moves to Metro Law Enforcement Editor

From the Post announcement:

    After six years as one of Metro’s top editors including 18 months as Metropolitan Editor, Keith Harriston is moving to a new role as Metro Law Enforcement Editor. In this player-coach position, he will both write stories region-wide on police, prosecutors and other public safety topics, and help oversee coverage of the subject.

    In a year and a half as my deputy, Keith has made invaluable contributions to the progress of the Metro section. As one of the paper’s most experienced and respected journalists, Keith has been the principal editor supervising daily Metro coverage. He excelled in particular at juggling the myriad competing demands of three-way zoning. He built Metro fronts that emphasized news of readers’ individual jurisdictions but still gave good display in all editions for stories of interest to the entire region. Keith’s news expertise, managerial acumen, institutional memory and good personal relations with dozens of reporters and editors in the section and throughout the newsroom were vitally helpful to me as I returned to Metro after a six-year hiatus. Keith helped strengthen beat coverage, and helped conceive and oversee enterprise stories including an in-depth look at Metro’s service for disabled riders and our recent coverage of Adrian Fenty’s choice of a new police chief.

    While Keith will be sorely missed, the bright side is that he is exceptionally well qualified for his new assignment. Prior to serving in a series of senior editing jobs including City Editor, National out-of-town editor and Deputy Metropolitan Editor, Keith established himself as one of the paper’s premier law enforcement reporters. He covered police and courts in Prince George’s county, and later D.C. police administration. In both jobs, he produced a steady stream of scoops and exclusive enterprise stories. He will bring a strong region-wide perspective to the job at a time when rising crime rates are a top issue in some suburbs. His sources and contacts will help us dominate this important subject. Keith will do twin duty in this job as a reporter and an editor, in a role similar to those of Metro Political Editor Bob Barnes and Associate Editor Kevin Merida.