Keith Alexander to Cover Social Issues in the District

From the Post:

    We are delighted to announce that Keith Alexander will move from the Business section to Metro’s City desk to take on a social issues beat that will generate narratives about the poor, the working class, crime victims and others whose lives and voices are often underrepresented in our coverage.

    Keith has a keen eye for details that produce powerful stories, and he has enormous enthusiasm and passion for spending time in communities, where residents are struggling to survive, despite the city’s economic prosperity. We are excited about his determination to produce stories that offer both human drama and government accountability.

    Since he joined the Post in 2001, Keith has specialized in covering the airline and business travel industries, and has written “Business Class,” a popular column in Financial. His aggressive style while cultivating sources and nurturing ideas regularly produced captivating pieces, including the story of the only father-daughter pilot crew at a major airline and one on consumers earning extra frequent-flier miles by using airline-branded credit cards to pay for everything from groceries to funeral expenses. Keith also played key roles in coverage of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and the fallout in the airline industry following the 2001 terrorist attacks, for which he was a finalist for the 2002 Livingston Award.

    Prior to joining the Post, Keith was a business reporter at USA Today, where he covered airlines, business travel and the media and won eight Best of USA Today awards. He also worked for Business Week and the Dayton Daily News. A graduate of Howard University’s School of Communications, Keith is a regular on a variety of broadcast shows, including National Public Radio, NBC Nightly News, BET Nightly News and Reporters Roundtable on Washington Cable Channel 16.

    Keith will begin his new job during October.

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