Keeping Layoff Survivors In The Loop: Giving Them Two Jobs Each Ain’t Career Development

If your company has gone through layoffs, you have to make sure to treat the survivors well or you may see them follow their ex-colleagues out the door.

At the Washington Post’s HR Answer Blog (which we seriously didn’t even know existed until recently), there lie some tips for keeping the survivors happy. One such example, which is at the bottom of the list but which should hold the place of honor at the top: SAY THANK YOU.

And not in a negative, “At least we have one person left who can take over Mary’s work.” How about just “thank you.” We like that.

Other tips: Allow the incumbents who are taking over the extra work to have a chance to rewrite their new job description, offering training opportunities, etc. Combining two jobs into one “is not career development,” you know. It may be necessary, but it doesn’t have to be done clumsily.

photo: otakuchick

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