Keep Your Email Address Private While Shopping Online With MaskMe

Every time you sign up for an online service or buy something from an e-commerce site, you are asked to share your email address and sometimes your phone number and credit card information. But with data breaches happening left and right, there is no way to tell if sharing your personal data is setting you up for having your information stolen sometime in the future.

Enter MaskMe from Abine, a new tool that generates fake email addresses, phone numbers and even credit card numbers in a move to mask yours and keep your data private. The fake information is created as a shield that is funneled into your real accounts, so you’ll get the confirmation emails and texts that you want to know that your order has been processed, but your personal information won’t actually be stored on a company’s server and at risk for being stolen or lost.

Here is more from the MaskMe blog:

If you start getting spammed at a Masked Email address, block it with one click. If you bought something on with a Masked Credit Card and then they have a data breach, no worries: your purchases were never linked to your real credit card. If telemarketers start harassing you on your Masked Phone number, one tap from within MaskMe and they’re gone for good.