Keep Up With News Using SkyGrid For Android

If you are a news junkie like me and use an Android phone you might want to check out SkyGrid. SkyGrid collects news based on specified topics from a number of web sites on the Internet. It has a Featured section of current trending news topics that lists an almost unlimited list of articles relating to each topic. If you are interested in more general items you will find items grouped into categories like Politics and Entertainment. You can add any of the Featured topics or Categories to the items that you are following, or create your own topics.

Open items can be shared on either Twitter or Facebook and SkyGrid automatically creates a short URL. SkyGrid constantly checks for new articles for the topics that you are following and provides notifications of updates. The notifications include an icon on the status bar and phone vibration, but unfortunately SkyGrid does not provide any way to turn the notifications off.

At least SkyGrid is not using an audible notifcation, but the phone vibration can be equally distracting, in fact the notifications are annoying enough to cause me to uninstall the app from my Nexus One. SkyGrid ought to provide users with control over whether or not it provides notifications and what notifications it uses, as well as provide a way to control how often in polls for new items so that you can manage battery life. My final suggestion is that SkyGrid be able to run from the SD card.

I use SkyGrid on my iPad and am happy with that version of the program, but it seems to me that the Android version has not been designed well enough to provide users with control over how the app runs on their phone. Hopefully the developers will make improvements to notifications to make this otherwise useful program less irritating.