Keep Track of on the iPhone

There is a well-accepted practice that anything released by a United States president while in office is in the public domain, free of copyright. When, President-Elect Obama’s transition website went live, many noted that the site was protected by traditional copyright. Obama’s transition team quickly made the correction, switching the site to the most open of the Creative Commons licenses, Attribution 3.0 (essentially making the content free to all, requiring only that attribution be given to

Now that the content is out there, others have gone ahead and created mobile and widget versions of the site. Cerado, a company which offers a service called Ventana which automatically transforms content into widget and iPhone application form, has applied their technology to the site. The result is a set of sites for the iPhone and for other mobile platforms, along with an embeddable widget that you can put in your sidebar, all of which automatically update with the latest from Obama’s transition team.