Keep the Dates on This Week’s List of Top Facebook Apps by New Monthly Average Users

Not much has changed since last week on our Monday list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by monthly average users (MAU), taken from AppData: eight of the top 10 are either in the same place they held last week or within a few places.

The top position is still held by Birthday Cards, the juggernaut from RockYou, as it has been almost since the holidays. And Calendario de Amigos, an app your friends important dates (like birthdays) has also held onto its number two spot:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Birthday Cards45,831,329+4,588,556+10.01
2. Calendario de Amigos7,648,511+3,062,019+40.03
3. Zoo World18,008,311+1,802,177+10.01
4. Static FBML14,461,689+1,566,016+10.83
5. FarmVille76,677,249+1,200,774+1.57
6. Truth about friends590,265+590,117+99.97
7. Yearbook5,361,039+574,707+10.72
8. Happy Island11,146,511+534,124+4.79
9. Gangster City1,233,329+527,156+42.74
10. My City Life798,564+520,032+65.12
11. FacéDouble Celebrity Look-alike Doppelganger544,157+455,167+83.65
12. Little Warrior1,497,204+440,125+29.40
13. My Top Fans2,520,300+415,414+16.48
14. My Town1,961,793+410,417+20.92
15. Wild Ones2,603,987+406,294+15.60
16. Friend Quiz10,589,293+386,364+3.65
17. Which Celeb Do You Look Most Like ?359,109+356,532+99.28
18. MindJolt Games16,454,075+344,935+2.10
19. Translations345,882+342,742+99.09
20. Go to Hell347,382+281,970+81.17

Zoo World, which didn’t register at all last week, has crept in at number three. It’s also by RockYou, and has been co-promoted with Birthday Cards. But, as we point out over at Inside Social Games, RockYou is having trouble hanging onto the millions of new players it’s picking up.

Yearbook has risen to number seven. This is an older app that reminisces on Facebook’s original mission: connecting friends from the same schools. While the app’s growth hadn’t budged for a while, it started trending upwards again a couple weeks ago:

And taking Yearbook’s place from last week is FacéDouble Celebrity Look-alike Doppelganger. This face-matching app just popped up on our Friday list of quickly gaining apps with under a million users. However, users seem pretty unanimously unhappy with the results, so it likely won’t stick around for long.