Keebler’s Elves Coming to a Tree Near You!

If you were a kid who liked cookies (are there kids who don’t?), and if you also happened to have a large tree in your yard or at your local park, it’s entirely possible you checked high and low for a secret door that might lead to Keebler‘s elven magic-powered cookie factory. Perhaps, in cookie-craving-desperation, you and your friends checked more than once, hoping against hope that the ever-elusive passageway to sugary splendor might suddenly appear where once there was not but tree bark.

Or, perhaps you found the elves creepy.

Either way, your childhood dreams (or nightmares) are about to come true!

The mysterious appearance of a tiny door at the base of a tree in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park has inspired Kellogg‘s ad agency, Leo Burnett, to create the “Tiny Doors Project.” The branding effort aims to spread Keebler’s magical message across the US by commissioning artists to build tiny doors at the bases of trees across the country.

Mike Doyle, a VP-Creative Director at the agency, said the campaign is meant to bring “the idea of elven lore into the real world. Although we would love people to go out and buy Keebler cookies,” he said, that’s not actually the goal of the project. The aim is simply to sell the Keebler brand, “and what we stand for, which is elfin magic.”

No word yet on whether innocent dreams will be dashed when children discover they can’t actually gain access through the doors into a land of unlimited cookies. Perhaps they’ll just have to understand that one does not simply walk into Mordor the world of the elves.

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