KCRW to Air Marc Maron’s WTF

No idea how they’re going to pull this off, but KCRW has decided to air 10 episodes of Marc Maron’s wonderful podcast WTF–which, if for some reason you can’t figure it out, stands for “What the Fuck.” And therein, seemingly, lies the trouble. Maron begins each and every show by saying fuck no less than 12 times, and isn’t shy about using it during his interviews either. Why should he be shy? It’s his podcast.

But the FCC might have something to say about the matter if anything close to an unedited podcast goes over the airwaves. Especially on Sundays at 11AM, which is when KCRW plans to run the program.

The shows KCRW chose to air are all old, so they’ll have plenty of time to scrub them clean. It will be interesting to see what’s left.

Here’s the lineup of guests:

July 24 Judd Apatow

July 31 Conan O’Brien

August 7 Bob Odenkirk and Maria Bamford

August 14 Louis CK

August 21 Ben Stiller and Tig Notaro

August 28 Robin Williams

September 4 Mike DeStefano and Margaret Cho

September 11 Carlos Mencia

September 18 Thomas Lennon, Dave Attell and Andy Richter

September 25 Dane Cook & Janeane Garofalo