KCRW Halloween Masquerade Party Rocks Per Usual

Photo: Jeremiah Garcia

KCRW’s annual Masquerade party has pretty much become the go-to Halloween event of choice here in LA. Despite the origins of the flu, your humble Fishie was in attendance–with the assistance of ample amounts of Red Bull–and he’s happy to report this year did not disappoint.

Like last year, the event was held at the Legendary Park Plaza hotel across from MacArthur Park. Moby, Mariachi El Bronx, Dengue Fever and Milagres all played–and KCRW’s various DJs alternated sets throughout the night on four different stages. Moby’s performance was so crowded they blocked off the door and wouldn’t let anyone else in 30 minutes before he went on. So we missed the set. In lieu of a description, we’ll give you a great photo by Jeremiah Garcia after the jump.

No Moby, however, meant we got to check out Dengue Fever’s performance instead–which allowed us to see lovely lead singer Chhom Nimol in a skimpy outfit, cracking a whip onstage. Sadly, no photos. Ours were too dark and the KCRW photogs were trapped in the Moby room. We would say it was the highlight of the night, but this Fishie’s girlfriend would Indian rope burn certain sensitive parts of his anatomy. So we’re going to say rocking out with punk legend and KCRW DJ Henry Rollins–who whipped up an eclectic post-midnight set–won the night. Rollins played everything from Bad Brains to James Brown, pausing only to fling the occasional stream of sweat into the crowd.

The photos above and below are by Gary Leonard–who, incidentally, we saw take the shot of Rollins. It was interesting watching the old pro work. He found a spot he liked and stood there for 15-20 minutes taking shots from basically the same angle–waiting until he captured the perfect moment.

Anyway, a wonderful night and a pleasant memory in our now fully flu-ridden Dayquil haze.