Kayak Should Find a New CMO

Joining Lowe’s in a decision to end its advertising during the TLC program All-American Muslim is Kayak, the online travel site. However, Kayak’s CMO wants to correct you if you think it pulled its advertising because of anything bigoted. Instead, the CMO has posted a nonsensical apology (another one!) on the company’s website that eloquently sums up why the company made this business decision.

“Mostly, I just thought the show sucked,” writes Robert Birge. He also vaguely refers to some dark, hidden secrets that TLC kept from the company when they purchased the advertising, alludes to some angry employee emails that he’s received and wishes he could share, and says something about not being listed on the Florida Family Association website (the group that started this mess) that makes no sense.

Oh, and also he says, “We get what America is about.” Obviously!

When asked for further clarification about the apology’s claim that TLC was trying to “pick a fight,” Birge told The Washington Post that that the network failed to make him aware of controversy between the Muslim and Christian communities in Dearborn, where the show is filmed.

“Really? Pick up a paper much? Check out a news Web site?” the paper writes.

“TLC declined to comment, despite our pleading. We’re guessing it’s their policy not to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent,” it continues. Zing!

The tone of Birge’s “apology” is anything but contrite. The whole thing is muddled and, overall, there’s a feeling that Birge felt the company had to be apologetic for something for appearances sake but doesn’t really feel like there’s anything to apologize for.

Let’s jump into the way-back machine when Tiger Woods was offering up his mea culpas for being a dirty dog. At that time, we did a post about how to properly apologize, available here.

Separately, Lowe’s became a topic in Congress when an actually-quite-eloquent Senate candidate, Rep. Chris Murphy (D-CT), spoke on the floor about the company’s decision to pull its advertising. You can check that out here.