Katy Perry’s New Album Declared a ‘Biohazard’ in Australia

Oh hai.

Oh hai.Things have been going pretty well for Katy Perry: she beat Justin Bieber on Twitter, her new album debuted at #1 in history’s worst-ever week for album sales, and this clip reminded everyone that she was probably right to break up with Russell Brand because anarchy is never an option, dude.

But one of the marketing tricks her team dreamed up to push Prism isn’t getting such a great reception in Australia.

Somebody had the hippie-dippy idea to include a little packet of seeds with each “deluxe” copy of the album accompanied by a message from the singer encouraging fans to plant them somewhere, anywhere, whatever. The problem is that Australians don’t take too kindly to the possibility of introducing invasive species to the ecosystem, so the Department of Agriculture has ordered the inspection of each incoming copy, which will be declared a “biohazard” until cleared.

Has no one seen The Happening? Yes, it’s bad, but it might be worth a viewing just to watch Marky Mark talking to a fake plant.

The singer’s production company tried to convince the Aussie authorities that all of the seeds are native swan river daisies, but based on our impressions of Perry we were thinking of something even blander, like grass or iceberg lettuce. (We kid, we kid.)