Katy Perry in Vanity Fair: ‘I didn’t have a childhood’

The celebrity story for the new Vanity Fair – which hits newsstands this Thursday – is dedicated to Katy Perry, the eclectic pop musician. In the piece by Lisa Robinson, Perry delves into a variety of subjects, including life with husband Russell Brand (the press offered her “millions” for pictures of her wedding) and her odd upbringing.

When discussing the latter, Perry simply states, “I didn’t have a childhood.” Then, to prove that, she explains that she wasn’t allowed to say “Dirt Devil,” or “Deviled Eggs,” and the only book her mother ever read to her was the Bible. And just to cement the fact that Perry had an atypical young life, there’s a quote from her mother:

Perry’s mother confirms that she is proud of her daughter’s success, telling Robinson, ‘The Lord told us when I was pregnant with her that she would do this.’

Somehow we think the lord left out the whole I Kissed a Girl part when predicting Perry’s future successes.