KATSU Takes Out Kendall Jenner

[Drone] + [Spray Paint] = Gigantic splash of media coverage.

Something has come between Kendall Jenner and her Calvin Klein’s.

A drone, in the nighttime hours of Wednesday April 29, piloted by graffiti artist KATSU. The result: some unplanned lines across the face of Jenner at the SoHo intersection of Lafayette and East Houston Street, on a Calvin Klein billboard featuring an image shot by Steven Klein (no relation). From KATSU’s interview with Wired:

“It’s exciting to see its first potential use as a device for vandalism,” he added, cheerfully…

KATSU is also gearing up to release a new, more user-friendly version of the graffiti drone “very soon.”

Hmmm. One man’s sense of excitement is another man’s SMH. Unless Calvin Klein cleverly engaged KATSU to drum up exposure for the SoHo billboard, this is a shameless and rather shameful publicity stunt. And judging by the massive amount of media coverage, it worked.