Katrina wreaks aftermath on LA media

Katrina wreaks aftermath on LA media

-Bill O’Reilly responds to Nikki Finke’s criticism of his Katrina coverage on his FNC show. From the official transcript:

But the best was far left loon Nickie Think writing in The L.A. Weekly. “Bill O’Reilly, who spent last month verbally abusing the grieving mother of a dead Iraqi war soldier, then whiled away the early days of Katrina’s aftermath giving lip to New Orleans looters and shooters and then basically blamed the hurricane’s poorest victims for expecting any government help at all.”

We are told that he didn’t really call Finke ‘Nickie Think’ on the air and that it’s just a transcription error, which is a shame because it’s kind of catchy.

– Paul Brownfield endorses celebrity Katrina activism in the LAT:

Celebrities, in the end, beat the White House to the hearts-and-minds punch in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Strangely, they seemed on the whole more effective in offering a calming, reassuring presence and conveying a response suited to the crisis, while articulating the rage people were feeling over the government’s stumbling steps after the disaster.

Cathy Seipp gives Brownfield a hard time as usual, but I have to say, I think Brownfield’s doing a heck of a job. Although I wonder what he will say about this.

– Breaking news! Brady Westwater says the LAT is wrong about something!!!!