CSI: Us Weekly

A picture worth a thousand whispers.

USWeeklyHolmesFoxxCoverThe “CSI” in this case stands for Cover Story Investigation. And the reason we chose to borrow the CBS series short-form for this Wenner Media LLC item will soon become additionally clear.

According to Us Weekly’s newest lead article, by Kevin O’Leary, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are a romantic item. And not just a recent item, but since 2013. The key piece of evidence is a photo.

From the Gossip Cop forensics report:

The only real “new” piece to the tabloid’s regurgitation of a discredited 2013 rumor is a picture of Foxx and Holmes with their hands touching. Us Weekly fails to give context, but Gossip Cop can exclusively report: The picture was snapped at a read-through for a new animated film. There were other people in the room, there was nothing romantic about their affection, and the idea that it serves as evidence of some kind of “secret” fling Holmes and Foxx are allegedly going to great lengths to conceal is, a source close to the situation tells us, “laughable.”

We hear through the grapevine that the animated project Holmes and Foxx were snapped at is being shepherded by Anthony Zuicker, creator of the CSI mega-franchise. Did the person who took the photo try to peddle it to individual outlets? Probably. Did they end up getting a still acceptable amount from Splash News? Most definitely.