Katie Couric’s CBS Debut: Suri Cruise Pics?


In 15 minutes or so, the Katie Couric Era at CBS will be ushered in with an unapologetically scrutinized newscast. Until then, feast on some selected pre-hype:

  • Couric is under enormous pressure. [WSJ]
  • Deet deet de deet da deet ta deet. How it can take three months to write a 10-second jingle that will remind Katie Couric of wheat fields. [WSJ]
  • Katie’s first podcast: “Hi everyone. It’s back to school time. Remember that? I always loved getting my new schoolbox, my fresh No. 2 pencils, my multi-colored plastic notebook dividers, even my reinforcements — remember those? Am I dating myself or what?” [CBSNews.com]
  • Katie’s blog. [CBSNews.com]
  • Bob Schieffer‘s exit interview and Couric’s welcome interview all rolled into one. [CBSNews.com]
  • Will Couric’s pop culture surprise be the first aired images of Vanity Fair‘s Suri Cruise pics? [TVNewser]