Katie Couric Gives Us A Glimpse Inside Twitter’s New San Francisco Nest

Twitter moved into its new headquarters in San Francisco this June – and we’ve been wondering what they would do with the fantastically large space ever since.

Thanks to Katie Couric, we now get a glimpse inside (and a few snippets from her about using Twitter as well).

Twitter’s decision to keep its offices in San Francisco was due in large part to the tax breaks they received from the city, which some claim the city was bullied in to. Regardless of how it went down, the flock’s new nest is rumored to be pretty nice (on the inside at least. The surrounding area is kind of horrible.)

And now we get to see a bit of the inside for ourselves.

As Fishbowl LA shares, “local ABC affiliate KGO-TV got the first on-camera look yesterday at Twitter’s new Market Street HQ, tagging along with Katie Couric. The veteran TV newswoman talked about how important the social media network has been for her and the role it will play in her upcoming syndicated talk showKatie, debuting September 10.”

And to those who think Twitter is impersonal, just know that Katie Couric feels “kind of close to people” she interacts with on Twitter. And if she can, why can’t you?

(Looking inside image from Shutterstock)