Anatomy of a Daily Mail Article

dailymailonline200It’s not every day that we come across a journalist resume with the heading ‘Freelance Writer, Pastry Chef.’ Then again, when the resume belongs to the author of a mind-boggling Daily Mail puff piece, it makes perfect sense.

Jennifer Pearson is part of the army of MailOnline contributors tasked with tapping out content at the paper’s multiple LA offices. After taking a look at a photo of Katie Couric waiting for a plane at JFK, she came up with this:

The 57-year-old journalist cut a casual figure in faded, cuffed dungarees, plain white T-shirt and a black leather jacket as she pored over her handy iPhone, most likely reading messages, news and other pertinent information.

It must have been interesting reading because Katie’s attention was undivided and her face set in concentration.

Pearson’s editors deserve part of the blame. Even by the Mail‘s crank-tastic, content-meter-running standards, the above and separate observation that Couric “seemed like any other intrepid traveler just waiting to get to her next destination” are about as memorable as a stale croissant.

Even the article headline’s use of “incognito” is incorrect. In no way at JFK on this day was Couric concealing her real identity.