Colleagues Cheer Kathy Kiely’s Principled Exit From Bloomberg Politics

A resounding Twitter Bravo!

Via The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone, it was revealed this afternoon that Bloomberg Politics Washington news editor Kathy Kiely has taken the ultimate stand. Concerned about limitations surrounding her ability to properly cover the political aspirations of boss Michael Bloomberg, she has tendered her resignation.

The first wave of reaction is, predictably, nothing but praise. Among those congratulating Kiely on her principled stand are the Boston Globe’s Jim O’Sullivan, PRI’s David Beard, Al-Monitor correspondent Barbara Slavin, former colleague Tom Lee and USA Today TV critic Robert Bianco.

Update (Jan. 30):
Kiely has penned a piece in the Washington Post explaining her reasoning. An excerpt:

As I have often told journalism students, or members of the public who are curious about (and skeptical of) journalists’ ability to maintain their objectivity and avoid self-censorship: Good journalism is easy. You just need to be willing to bite the hand that feeds you.