Katherine Heigl Recalls How She Became Shoehorned by the Media

Part of a memorable interview today on The Howard Stern Show.

Fans of Howard Stern had to wait a long time for Katherine Heigl to drop by the show. But it was worth the wait. During her inaugural interview this morning, Heigl was charming and candid as she addressed a variety of topics.


One of those topics was the albatross hung around Heigl’s neck of being “difficult” to work with. She said it was a “juicy story” fed by media outlets, regardless of whether any of the details were true, and culminated for her personally on a movie set:

“I remember doing this little, independent movie. Just afraid to say anything about anything. I remember, just, wearing shoes a size too small, because I was afraid to tell wardrobe they were too small. Because I didn’t [whispers] want to be difficult.”

“And after that, I was like, ‘This is nonsense. Stop it!” Get some help, and own your voice.”

Heigl worked things out with the help of a male therapist. Although her five or so sessions are nothing compared to Stern’s 16 years of analysis, which he noted at one point encompassed four appointments a week.

Photo courtesy: The Howard Stern Show