Kate Hudson and Hirsute Hubby Chop it Off

Tabloid Baby is having a good week, first with Geraldo and now with Kate Hudson’s split from Chris Robinson. TB has a long interview, transcribed from now-defunct A Current Affair, with Kate’s father, Bill Hudson. (And uncle Brett Hudson worked on ACA, too–we’re sensing a pattern here.)

Bill, who’s never met his grandson, has several reasons for the couple’s break-up, including Kate’s youth, their careers, Chris’s drug use, and the general witchery of his ex, Goldie, such as:

And here Kate has been subjected to years of Goldie’s manipulation about my place in her life, in spite of the fact that Kate was old enough to know the truth.

FBLA has a different take–the unhappy couple just couldn’t agree on the little things–like where, when and if to cut their kid’s hair, for instance.