Katango Adds Google+ Circles Behavior To Facebook On iPhone

One of the distinguishing features of Google+ is its simplicity for grouping people who you follow by simply dragging and dropping their names into circles. Facebook’s Groups has the same functionality without the fancy UI, but the problem is that Groups didn’t appear until after most of us accumulated dozens, if not hundreds, of friends, and it is too much work to put hundreds of friend into groups. Katango is an iPhone app that scans through your Facebook friends and automatically puts them into groups.

I installed Katango on my iPod Touch and provided it access to my Facebook account and my 154 friends.  It put 123 of my friends in to 7 groups, and it did a decent job. My Facebook friends consist of high school classmates, relatives, and friends. I was most impressed in Katango’s grouping of two sets of relatives, properly identifying a father, his daughter and son, and two nieces who I have as Facebook friends. Katango also did a good job of putting my high school classmates and friends who went my high school into different groups.

Katango created a second group of relatives who are siblings and spouses, but in this case it added three people who did not belong to the group. It’s pretty easy to edit the groups that Katango creates, you just tap the Edit button, then tap the minus button next to the person you want to remove. Katango names the groups using the first names of the people in the group, but you can edit that to something more meaningful. You can manually add people the groups that Katango creates, or create your own groups using either information from Facebook or your iPhone contacts.

Once you are set with the groups Katango creates, you can send a message or a photo to the group, and that information will be sent as a Facebook message or an email. If a person you send a message to is also running Katango, they will receive the message as an iPhone notification. Katango is free and available now in the iTunes App Store.