Karl Lagerfeld Premieres New Chanel Short Film at Cannes

With so many choices, it all boils down to what flavor of Karl Lagerfeld film you’d like to watch: weird and meandering or meandering and strange. Following the recent release of the oddly aimless spots the famous gloved designer directed for Magnum Ice Cream, Lagerfeld has returned to what’s now become an annual tradition of releasing a Chanel-branded short film during and at the height of the yearly flock to Cannes. Last year was something called Remember Now and before that was another film called Paris-Shanghai: A Fantasy. Neither made a ton of sense and the reviews of his latest, The Tale of a Fairy, seem to imply that plot and acting still don’t seem to interest Lagerfeld. “Something about a fairy who helps aristocrats place winning bets at the roulette tables of Monte Carlo,” says the AP. However, per usual, the locales, the wardrobe, and the people are sure to all be stunning. The film premiered Monday night, so we’d expect to see the whole thing appear online here in the next week or two. In the meantime, here’s the trailer:

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