Karl Lagerfeld is Sick Of Hearing About Karl Lagerfeld

Is the gloved-one, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, taking a page from the Philippe Starck playbook entitled “Talk About How Disappointed You Are In You”? Well, certainly they’re both more than a little nutty, but when Lagerfeld says he’s “suffering from an overdose of myself” and worries that perhaps he’s become too overexposed and sought after far too much, we feel it’s probably maybe just an instance where the world of fashion get very near to a sense of “humble” but maintains their ironic detachment from the real world (like when certain artists complain that it’s just so hard being a genius). But we’re always one to give Lagerfeld the benefit of the doubt, as we still maintain that soft spot for the guy after reading that New Yorker profile on him from a while back. Here’s a bit:

With his trademark white ponytail and dark glasses, the pop culture icon is the subject of an umpteenth documentary, to be shown on French television on Sunday, and even features in the latest installment of the video game “Grand Theft Auto.”

“I’m suffering from an overdose of myself,” Lagerfeld told reporters after the show. “At a certain point, you ask yourself, am I a puppet or not?”