Karl Lagerfeld Directs a Series of Meandering Ice Cream Commercials

Who is the very first person you think of when it comes to needing a director to concept and shoot a series of commercials for an ice cream bar? If you guessed Karl Lagerfeld, you’d be absolutely right. That would prove that you also have as bizarre a taste as Magnum Ice Cream, who hired Lagerfeld to shoot three spots, each starring actress Rachel Bilson. We’ve seen the first (you’ll find it after the jump), which premiered late last week at the Tribeca Film Festival, and it’s…well…we don’t really have words. We kept waiting for a punchline or something to happen, but nope, it’s just two minutes of a well-shot, pointless story that seems, at best, half finished. And judging from the behind-the-scenes interviews, it sounds like all three films will be similar in plot. However, that behind-the-scenes video makes the whole project worthwhile, as you get to her Lagerfeld say things like, “The minute she has one, her ice cream, she works beautifully,” which we’re going to try and figure out how we can make into a ringtone. Here some photos from the shoot, and here’s that wonderfully absurd clip:

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