Karl Lagerfeld Designs an Insanely Expensive Safe to Keep Your Insanely Expensive Things Safe

So you’ve purchased your solid gold Spongebob Squarepants and your valuable limited-editition gloved teddy bear, but now you’re worried that their are thieves lurking everywhere outside your home? Rest easy, you Karl Lagerfeld super fan, because the eccentric designer has teamed with a German company in creating a small run of safes called the “Narcissus.” Described as something like a six foot tall box of silver, the sides slide out allowing you to keep your valuables. All that for just shy of $350,000. Here’s the very fun copy used on the safe making company’s site to describe this end-all-be-all in incredibly expensive safe-keeping technology:

With Karl Lagerfeld and Markus Dottling, two personalities converged who had much in common from day one: the passionate quest for absolute perfection, the unconditional will to create something radically new and unprecedented, and the absolute commitment to luxury in its most magnificent form.

Now, after nearly 24 months of development, a new high-security safe has been created. Conceived and designed by Karl Lagerfeld and built by Markus Dottling and the specialists at our manufactory, it is a monumental designer object weighing in at 800 kilos, with spectacular inner workings. Limited to 30 specimens, it is built for eternity.