That Karl Lagerfeld Q&A Is *Not* an April Fools

We weren't the only ones wondering about The Cut's convo.

ChoupetteTwitterPicWe have to admit. When we first read The Cut fashion director Amy Larocca’s March 31 Q&A with the irrepressible Karl Lagerfeld, we had the same thought as article commenter costelk:

Is this an April Fool’s joke?

The answer is no. In response to a FishbowlNY query, and separately via Twitter, New York magazine director of public relations Lauren Starke has been reassuring inquiring minds that this was the product of a real sit-down with KL, as advertised. Rather than some sort of fou-de-rire bit of French stand-up.

Which means… You can go back to being depressed about the superior accommodations, pampering and annual salary enjoyed by Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette. And ponder, after reading, this separate question from commenter elissa3em:

So… He stole the cat?

And if The Cut does not satiate your need for colorful Karl quotes, and you somehow missed earlier in January, there’s also this New York Times Magazine piece.

Photo via: @ChoupettesDiary