Karl as Mugatu

Karl as Mugatu

Apparently Karl Rove is not only the puppeteer of White House policy but now wants to give Robin Givhan a run for her money as Washington’s fashion critic.

In yesterday’s pool report, The Post’s Peter Baker notes, “Karl Rove was with POTUS and evidently unimpressed with your pooler’s wardrobe, obtained at the all-night Wal-Mart in Waco last night thanks to American Airlines’ impeccable talent for losing luggage. ‘Wear a tie or at least a coat!’ the deputy chief of staff admonished from his van as the pool ran by. No time to ask if he had an extra to spare.”

The pooler’s get-up, including a “White button-down shirt, blue jeans, incredibly uncomfortable black shoes that some people seem to think look too much like boots” didn’t qualify as suitable attire.

Note to pool reporters: we didn’t understand how this “look” didn’t meet Mr. Rove’s standards, as it came directly from his “Derelicte”-line!

And Karl, while we, like Reuters, all support outsourcing for cheap labor in your new fashion line, please don’t involve the Malaysian Prime Minister.