Kargo, Moat Serve Mobile Video Metrics

Will show how long ads play and whether they were viewable

Mobile ad company Kargo and measurement firm Moat are collaborating to provide mobile video analytics ito give brands and publishers further insight into who is viewing their spots and for how long.

"With premium brand experiences, we want to provide full transparency," Alexis Berger, Kargo’s vp of marketing and sales, said. "We want to provide our brands and publisher partners full visibility as to what they are buying and where their ads are running."

Marketers who use Kargo's services—which include publishers like Meredith, Hearst and Complex and brands like McDonald's, Johnson & Johnson and Target— will be able to see in-view time, in-view measurable impressions and other statistics.

They'll also be able to look at whether the ad was visible to the public at the start and at the end of the clip, an important metric as the industry moves towards viewability as a measure. In April, the Media Rating Council allowed digital ads to be sold according to whether or not they could be seen by the consumer. At least half of the display ad must be shown for at least one second to be counted, while video ads have to play for at least two seconds.

"Brands should be less concerned about video completions and more about if the ad was actually viewable and if it was audible," Berger explained.

The service will be rolled out today for select clients and then expanded to the entire base in the near future. 

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