Karen Feld’s Browning Pups Make Finals

Karen Feld, a former gossip columnist for the Washington Examiner, is best known for her fierce legal battles with her brother and for those dirty, fluffy purse dogs she’d infamously bring around with her to cocktail parties.

At one point she accused her brother of giving her brain damage by throwing her out of a family gathering honoring a dead aunt and filed a $110 million lawsuit against him. According to Daily Mail, she alleged that “she was forcefully removed by a trio of ‘large, aggressive’ bodyguards, beaten and thrown into an elevator along with her poodle.” The D.C. Court of Appeals ultimately rejected her appeal.

Obviously those two browning pups of hers, Compari and and Bellini, are nothing to sniff at, even if they aren’t the cleanest. (Please ignore the caramel spot above Compari’s nose.) After all, they made the finals of the New Yorkie Runway competition to benefit Angel on a Leash.

Feld sent out a letter about it. She clearly thinks the dogs are human and signed the letter, “Karen, Compari & Bellini.”


Compari and Bellini made the finals in the New Yorkie Runway competition to benefit a worthy cause, Angel on A Leash. (Compari made the finals last year as well!). Now it’s your turn to vote! You can watch their audition video but even if you don’t have time, at least take a moment to vote at the link below!

Please vote: Compari and Bellini

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Karen, Compari & Bellini





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Karen, Campari & Bellini