Kamcord announces Android SDK for mobile gameplay recording

Image via Kamcord

Kamcord has today announced its newest gameplay recording solution, bringing mobile gameplay recording to the Android platform. Previously released on iOS, Kamcord’s SDK has been used to record over 1 billion gameplay videos, with over 1 million videos shared across supported games.

With the launch on Android, developers will be able to give more users the ability to record and share their gameplay in Android games for free. According to a recent study by Arkadium, 47 percent of mobile gamers discover new titles via word of mouth. With that in mind, giving users the chance to share their favorite gameplay moments with friends can increase game downloads and overall popularity in the long term.

Kamcord hopes this move will help expand the service into Asia, where Android holds a significant portion of the marketshare. According to The Diplomat, Android represents over 71 percent of the smartphone marketshare in China, for instance.

“We have worked incredibly hard to keep the sharing and video watching flow as simple as possible and are very pleased with how many videos are being shared,” said Aditya Rathnam, Kamcord co-founder, in a recent press release. “The simplicity of the Kamcord flow in addition to a flexible UI that can be completely customized in order to match the look and feel of the game is a big part of why game developers are so excited about adding Kamcord to their games.”

Developers have already expressed an interest in the Android release. Robert Szeleney, CEO of Djinnworks, a developer with more than 140 million downloads across iOS and Google Play, said “Our users love recording and sharing their most spectacular stunts and crashes with Kamcord on iOS. We’re thrilled that now our Android users can do the same. Having this ability across platforms will be greatly beneficial for us and we plan to use Kamcord in all our future releases.”

Kamcord recently made news via its partnership with video ad platform Vungle, which will bring user-recorded gameplay videos to the platform as mobile ads across other mobile applications.

Developers interested in the Android SDK can sign up for the beta on the company’s website. Users can also browse shared videos, separated by game, on Kamcord.com.