Kaity Tong’s Chelsea Nightmare


Water and mold damage to CW11 anchor Katie Tong’s apartment has kept her and her husband Patrick Callahan out of their Chelsea pad for over seven weeks. From the New York Post:

”Tong’s and hubby Patrick Callahan’s nightmare began more than seven weeks ago when a large wall section and flooring began to buckle in their penthouse apartment, most likely from construction in an adjoining building. ‘There were never any leaks or problems in Kaity’s apartment until work began next door,’ said her lawyer, Steven Wagner.”

The next door property, O’Neill Building on Sixth Avenue, is owned by Elad Properties, which has said in a letter that they will reimburse Tong for her $600 a night hotel room. Thus far Elad hasn’t paid Tong anything, and her out-of-pocket expenses have reached $10,000. Elad Properties maintains that Tong will be ”completely reimbursed,” it is just a matter of figuring out where the leak is coming from and if it is even coming from the O’Neill building.