Kaiser to Cassidy: Bring It On

(Earlier: “Cassidy Smacks Kaiser“)

From a post.com chat today:

    Portland, Ore.: I see Cassidy now has a blog which he advertises with a paid banner ad in the politics section of washingtonpost.com. Have you read it? He takes shots at you/the series/The Post. Did you read in his carping anything other that the expected claptrap?

    Robert G. Kaiser: First good day to everyone tuning in. We’re grateful for your interest in this project.

    Cassidy’s blog is, I think, unprecedented. So, I guess, is this project. We have a striking degree of interactivity going.

    You can find the blog at www.cassidy.com/blog. Please have a look. Mr. Cassidy enjoys the full rights of an American citizen, including the right to take shots at us. We’re glad he’s doing this.