Gay Republican Radio Host Ready for Increased Media Attention

Formerly with KABC 790 AM and now a weeknight fixture on 870 KRLA AM, a.k.a. “LA’s Conservative Talk Radio Station,” Kevin James is by his own admission an anomaly: an openly gay Republican working for a right-leaning radio outlet.

That discrepancy is set for much more media scrutiny now that James has announced his intention to run for mayor of Los Angeles. He tells LA Weekly staff writer Patrick Range McDonald that he is ready for the challenge, and also shows a flair for understatement:

Now that he’s declared his run for LA mayor, James expects more media attention will be given to the fact that he is a gay registered Republican who is featured on a conservative radio talk show station. James says his bosses at KRLA know that he’s gay.

James became a registered Republican in 2007 , the same year he joined KRLA, and voted for John McCain in the 2008 Presidential election. He is, at this point, considered a longshot in the 2013 LA mayoral race.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.