Kabam’s Camelot games have been installed more than 34 million times


Core mobile and social game developer Kabam is proud of its ‘Camelot’ franchise. The developer behind “Kingdoms of Camelot” on the web and “Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North” and “Heroes of Camelot” on mobile has released an infographic about its popular games, which have been played by more than 34 million gamers around the world.

By day, these players are average mobile and browser gamers, but by night, they enter the world of Camelot and fight for glory. In a recent player survey, Kabam found that 61 percent of players engage with games in the series in the evening, while 16 percent can’t wait that long, and play as soon as they wake up each morning.

These gamers play an average of nine hours per week, with the average smartphone session clocking in at 29 minutes, compared to 32 minutes for tablets. In total, players have logged into these three games more than five billion times. Their favorite part of these games? The combat, with Merlin’s Spells being the most popular weapons of choice.

Overall, Camelot players have collected over 150 million in-game cards, which Kabam says is more than the number of Uno decks produced in 40 years. Merlin’s Magical Tokens are also quite popular, with over 26.5 million tokens collected by players to date.

The Camelot games are regularly updated to keep players engaged, which helps build long-lasting player loyalty and a constant stream of revenue for each title. For instance, Heroes of Camelot recently received its Castle Siege guild-vs-guild combat feature. The Kingdoms of Camelot franchise has earned over $250 million in revenue to date, and is one of four company franchises that has passed the $100 million revenue milestone.

Check out the full infographic below. [click for larger]


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