Kabam, Undead Labs Announce Moonrise for Mobile

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Free-to-play games company Kabam has announced its partnership with Undead Labs to publish its mobile RPG, Moonrise. Undead Labs is behind State of Decay, the popular zombie survival game on Xbox Live Arcade. Moonrise takes players to a traditionally peaceful land, which is periodically transformed into a place of terror during Moonrise events.

During these events, a “corrupting shadow” spreads across the land, turning peaceful creatures called Solari into evil Lunari, which attack towns and cities for months at a time, until the Moonrise ends. While Moonrises used to be rare, they’re increasing in frequency and players are challenged with protecting the world from the Lunari.

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As Wardens, players cleanse the Lunari of the Moonrise corruption. Afterwards, these Lunari turn back into Solari, which can be collected for their team. Gamers will collect hundreds of unique creatures, and help them grow and evolve into even stronger units. Players can fight against both Lunari or other real-world players in real-time battles, all with the goal of being the best Warden of them all.

“We are thrilled to partner with Undead Labs. They are a veteran team that has worked on some of the greatest game franchises of all time,” said Aaron Loeb, senior vice president of Kabam’s North American Studios. “Their new creation, Moonrise, will bring a truly next generation mobile experience to gamers around the world.”

Moonrise will enter beta on iOS and Android devices this fall, and is planned for a worldwide release in early 2015. The game will be shown off at PAX Prime 2014 at the end of August. Check back soon for more.