Kabam to bring 7th Road’s Wartune to mobile in the West

Image via Kabam

Kabam has announced it has been selected as the exclusive mobile distributor of Wartune, a popular Chinese web game that has been co-developed for mobile by 7th Road and Hoolai games. The announcement will see Kabam introducing the game to players throughout North America and major European markets.

Wartune is a strategy MMORPG that sees players fighting and killing monsters, claiming land for their own, and building that land up with farms and buildings. Players collect magical stones that can be used to upgrade pieces of armor or weapons, with both single-player and multiplayer content available.

“As an internationally accomplished Chinese game studio, 7th Road has always been focused on developing global games. We’ve proven our global game development capability with Wartune, which is the most successful Chinese-made Web game on the market,” said Ming Hu, Chief Product Officer of 7th Road, via a company statement. “Kabam has a history of successfully launching a variety of core mobile games, and with their experience we’re confident that Kabam will bring the charm of Wartune’s mobile version to more international gamers.”

Wartune is available on iOS and Android, and already generates more than $7 million per month from in-app purchases in English-speaking markets.

“Kabam’s mobile license for Wartune is another indication of how Kabam is taking the lead in mobile core games,” added Amit Ranade, president of Kabam Distribution. “Asian game developers have come to appreciate Kabam as a distribution partner they can trust to expose their titles to the huge markets outside of their home countries.”

This licensing deal is part of Kabam’s $50 million development fund, which the company announced in April. The program helps bring Asian games to western markets by helping with localization, translation, analytics tracking, marketing, user acquisition, player retention and more.

Wartune was previously released on Facebook via Reality Squared Games. Here’s our review.